About Us

I am Santosh Mulla

I am the owner of woodburyfamilyrx

By Profession, I am a Mechanical Engineer but by passion, I am a Digital Marketer.

I completed my Mechanical Engineering degree from Nagpur University. After I followed my Dream and started this blog to share my new ideas related to Family Pharmacies.


Purpose Of The Blog:

The main motto of the blog in to support all people related to fitness for improve physical and mental health.

The Fallowing topics we tries to deliver for you.

  • Pain Management
  • Harmone Therapy For Women
  • Podiatry


To provide all the information related to pain and stress management.


  • Try to deliver appropriate content
  • The article delivers on your suggestions.
  • Quality content.


  • Making content more attractive
  • Users’ Engagement with the answer.
  • Feedback driven Content