Woodbury Family Pharmacy
160 North Broad Street
Woodbury, NJ 08096

Mon-Wed: 9:15am-7:00pm
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  • Woodbury Family Pharmacy

    Woodbury Family Pharmacy strives to meet the medication needs of your family by providing the highest quality of care.

  • Our pharmacists work closely with patients and practitioners

    Our pharmacists work closely with patients and practitioners to determine the correct balance of hormones and nutritional and lifestyle changes to improve quality of life.

  • Customized hormone therapy to restore vitality

    At Woodbury Family Pharmacy, we work with patients and practitioners to customize hormone therapy to restore vitality.

  • Topical and transdermal therapies for pain management

    Successful long-term pain management requires rapid, flexible, and expert responses. Our team formulates topical and transdermal therapies for ease of use.


Countless therapeutic possibilities exist when medications can be customized to meet the unique needs of a specific patient.

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Refill Requests

For your convenience, refill your prescription anytime by completing our easy to use online form.

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Pharmacy Services

We offer a wide range of medical and health products and services to accommodate all our patients’ needs. Let us know how we can help you and your loved ones!

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Welcome to Woodbury Family Pharmacy

As our name suggests, we are a family owned pharmacy. Harry, Nittal, and our highly trained staff are available seven days a week to address any concerns you may have. We are conveniently located at North Broad Street in Woodbury to best serve the needs of our customers.

Our mission is to help you manage your healthcare needs. We want to provide a link between patient, physician, and insurance provider in order to ensure a positive outcome. Our pharmacists will work with each patient to answer any questions and make sure they fully understand how to comply with their physician’s instructions. Our staff will make sure the patient understands their insurance benefits, and that the cost to patient is minimal.

At Woodbury Family Pharmacy, we understand that not all medications will work for everyone. Our trained and licensed compounding pharmacists will work with physicians to prepare a prescription to exact specification for the patient. The pharmacist will provide an initial consultation and follow up with each patient to monitor progress.

We want to provide our customers with the most current medical information and technology available, and we strive to offer it in a personal and comfortable environment. We want to answer every question and address every concern. By encouraging better communication between patient, physician and pharmacist, we hope to achieve a better outcome for everyone.

A prescription from a licensed practitioner is required for compounded medications.

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